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What We Do

Product Tokenisation

Welcome to the Australian Blockchain Institute, where we revolutionize industries through Product and Asset Tokenization, empowering diverse asset digitization and democratizing lucrative markets. Join us today to redefine ownership, unlock liquidity, and drive unprecedented success! Example

Web3 Solutions

Embrace the future with our cutting-edge Web3 Solutions! Revolutionize your business with our decentralized, secure, and innovative blockchain and smart contract solutions. Position yourself at the forefront of innovation – Contact the Australian Blockchain Institute to unlock limitless possibilities on the decentralized web! Example

Token Development

Unlock the future of finance with the Australian Blockchain Institute’s expert token development services. From coding to tokenomics, we’ll bring your vision to life and empower you with a bespoke cryptocurrency that revolutionizes your ecosystem. Example

NFT Marketplace & Minting

Discover ABI’s White Label NFT Marketplace and Minting Engine – the ultimate customizable solution for your digital asset ecosystem. Empower your community with seamless NFT creation, trading, and ownership, leveraging blockchain technology for security and transparency. Elevate your brand and explore the future of digital assets with us today! Example

Blockchain Business Building

ABI’s Blockchain Business Strategy Development Services go beyond concepts, creating proof of concepts (PoCs) and minimal viable ecosystems (MVEs) to ensure market-ready solutions and reduce risk. Embrace innovation with our comprehensive approach, unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology for your business success. Example

Exchange Management

ABI offers comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange evaluation, implementation, and management services, backed by our successful track record of overseeing three Australian-based exchanges. Partner with us to turn your exchange vision into a reality, leveraging our expertise to ensure compliance, security, and seamless user experiences. Example

We Enable Fully Connected Networks For Your Business and Career

“It remains difficult to source knowledge and expertise with technical or strategic capability in the blockchain domain” (RMIT Blockchain Strategy 2021).

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Web3 Solutions: “Thanks to ABI’s Web3 Solutions, our business has undergone a remarkable transformation. Their team of experts implemented a seamless blockchain infrastructure, enhancing security and transparency in our operations. We are now at the forefront of innovation, offering our customers an unparalleled user experience and unlocking new possibilities in our industry.”


Founder, Global Glamping Charities Inc

Blockchain Business Strategy Development Services: “ABI’s Blockchain Business Strategy Development Services gave our startup the guidance we needed to succeed in the blockchain space. Their thorough audits and meticulous planning helped us refine our concept and devise a solid implementation strategy. With their support, we navigated regulatory challenges and built a market-ready product that exceeded all expectations, setting us on the path to success.”


CEO, IndoCoin Pty Ltd

White Label NFT Marketplace and Minting Engine: “Partnering with ABI’s White Label NFT Marketplace was a game-changer for our creative community. Their customizable platform allowed us to mint and trade unique NFTs effortlessly, connecting artists and collectors worldwide. With their cutting-edge technology, our brand now thrives as a hub for digital art, music, and collectibles, revolutionizing the way we appreciate and value creativity.”


Director of Compliance, Spectrum NFTs

Cryptocurrency Exchange Evaluation, Implementation, and Management: “Working with ABI to launch our cryptocurrency exchange was a wise decision. Their team’s expertise in exchange evaluation and implementation ensured a smooth and secure launch. Their ongoing management services have provided us with peace of mind, allowing us to focus on delivering exceptional services to our users. ABI’s guidance has been instrumental in our exchange’s growth and success.”


CEO, Piptle Wealth Management

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